Les greeters de Blois-Chambord


area of visit : Mont-près-Chambord, Bracieux or Blois

offers : walk and/or bike rides in  Mont -près-Chambord, Blois, Bracieux

Languages: French(native)

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areas of visit: Blois

offers : walk and discovery of Blois

Language(s) : French(native)

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area of visit :The area around the chateau of Chambord

offers: Circuits to discover local castles, mills,local cuisine

Language(s) : French(native) -German, Italian

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areas of visit: Chambord

offers: Walking tour around the Château of Chambord

Language(s) : French(native)-English

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areas of visit(s) : Blois and around the chateau of Chambord

offers : Walks around the city of Blois or in the forest,discovery, by car, of villages of the Sologne region.

Languages : German(native), French

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area of visit : Blois

offers : a visit around and discovering the left bank of Blois

Language(s) : French(native) - German, english

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areas of visit: around the chateau of Blois

offers : Walking tour around Blois castle

Language(s) : French(native)

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areas of visit: Blois

offers: left bank of the Loire in Blois between 3 bridges

Language(s) : French(native), English, Italian

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areas of visit:Blois

offers: left bank of the Loire and discovery Blois

Language(s) : French(native), English

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