Languages: German, French

Despite having lived in two capital cities, Berlin and Paris, when i discovered the natural beauty and charm of the wildlife of Sologne, i fell immeditlely in love with the region. Every weekend  for the past 20 years i have rushed off from Paris to recharge my battery in the country. From here on, i will have the opportunity to prolong my stay there and i look forward to sharing with you the discovery of old, typica local villages whose churches and houses are classified historical monuments. The region of Sologne abounds in lakes, swamps, ponds and woods which we will have the opportunity to discover on our way to visit small, local farm producers.

If you wish, we can also visit the city of Blois or 2 villages on the River Loire. You can  make the choice of discovery visits from the 3 tours below:

Tour 1- Sologne  by car, roughly 2 h. Meeting place: the church in courmemin; visit of church and village. Possibility of visiting a local goat-cheese producer and/or beekeeper. We can then continue our tour into the woods before reaching Fontaines-en Sologne. Together we can discover the village, its church and observatory. As we head off to Bauzy, we will see the château of the Ravinère(private), before visiting the village. Time permitting, we can also visit a remarkable private garden. Our visit can end at the bar/restaurant, Le Colvert.

Tour 2 - The city of Blois, on foot(roughly 2 h) Meeting place: District of the stationPlace A.Poulain

Tour 3 - discovery of the village, Suèvres and St Dye, by car and on foot (roughly 2h)

Meeting place: The town Hall of Suèves. We will begin our tour by visiting historical water mills and historical communal wash places.  A walk along the Tronne  is extraordinary and well worth the visit. With a little luck, we may be able to visit the interior of a mill. When this is completed, we can cross the river Loire to visit Saint Dyé, a very picturesque village and former royal, port for Chambord. Saint Dyé with its flowers embellished passageways, is renowned for its source of inspiration for artists.The visit can finish at the "maison de la Loire.

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