Languages : French, German, English

The left bank of the Loire River is the sunny side of Blois; of course, because it is on the south side of the city and i be delighted to walk along the river bank with you. It is from the southern side that you will have the most spectacular view of Blois. Together we can walk towards the historical sector, Blois Vienne. As we stroll along the streets towards the town church, St Saturnin, entering doorways here and there, we can discuss the life of those whose livelihood was intrinsically linked to and dependant on the river.

Poems written by Annie and songs from the "Marine de Loire " will no doubt whet your curiosity and provide nourisment to my answers.

Perhaps also, we can visit the only sport that is played in slippers. With my silver hair and warm smile, i can meet you on the "Quai Henry Chavigny" opposite the Creusille restaurant before setting off on a 2 hour long, or more, visit.